Book 1, Chapter 6

“Hiya, wuss!” Little followed his greeting with a punch to the gut.

Ean doubled over as the blow landed. “Hi,” he managed to wheeze as Little sauntered past him and into the living room.

“We’re, uh, commandeering your TV,” Big said before following his friend over to the couch and sitting down. Little was already flipping through channels.

Given a moment to recuperate, E sat on the floor and leaned back against the door frame. “So yeah,” he said to you. “Did I mention the petty gang violence? As far as I can tell, those two are the only members – but they’ve claimed the old college campus as their turf. They call themselves ‘The Gang.’”

Ean shrugged and laughed weakly. “Yeah, so they’re not very bright. They still beat me up really badly once, so I try not to antagonize them.”

Meanwhile, Big was turned around and watching E over the back of the couch. “Who the hell is he talking to?” the big guy whispered to his short friend.

Next to Big and also watching Ean over the back of the couch, Little shrugged. “Dunno.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a switchblade. Steel glinted as the knife snk‘ed out of its hilt. “More importantly,” Little said, “Did he just call us stupid?”

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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