Book 1, Chapter 24

A few minutes later found Ean tied to a chair while The Gang ransacked his apartment. “Hey,” he protested feebly when Big started rummaging through his gaming consoles.

“Suck it up, wuss,” Big chortled. “We tricked you into letting us in before you could hide your crap – and I still can’t believe you fell for that or that you were dumb enough to hold out on us. Now you’ve gotta pay the consequences.”

“Hey, wait,” Little protested. “We? I’m the one who tricked him. He’s gotta pay me.

Big rolled his eyes. “You impersonated a doorbell,” he said with a snort. “That’s not all that impressive.”

“Is too,” Little growled. “It takes thespian-like reflexes to pull off that kinda shit. Any pay that’s getting paid was earned by me, not some namby-pamby ‘consequences.’”

They’re arguing, Ean thought loudly enough for us to hear. I can use this!

“Gentlemen,” E said. “From where I sit the only obvious way to settle this is for the two of you to fight to the death. Then the victor should commit seppuku over shame for having killed his friend.”

Big stared at E, aghast. “What the hell kind of idiots do you think we are?” he asked – apparently oblivious to Little, who was sneaking up behind him with a switchblade raised for stabbing.

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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