Book 1, Chapter 25

After a brief scuffle, Big took Little’s knife – and then took Little into the hallway for a “discussion.” When they came back two hours later, Ean still hadn’t managed to liberate himself from the chair. Say what you might about Little’s intelligence: he was still very good at tying knots. And impersonating doorbells.

“That was a low trick,” Little growled at Ean.

“More to the point,” said Big, “it crossed a Line.”

Little nodded. “So we’ve decided to kill you,” he said. “Lets see who’s all clever then.

Big chuckled. “Now, how about a last request?”

Ean gaped for a minute, thinking furiously. “Well,” he said, “Not killing me would be nice.”

Big snorted. “Not for you, dumbass. From you. I just spent the last two hours explaining the dangers of gullibility and over-exposure to violence to my friend, here. I’m parched.” He grinned and smacked the end of a crowbar against his palm. “So: you got anything to drink, or should we proceed straight to the the skull crushing?”

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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