Book 1, Chapter 36

Rachel had caught Ean when he started to fall, and when his dizziness passed her hands were braced against his arms. She started to say something in response to his ill-advised outburst – but whatever it was, she didn’t get the chance to get it out because right about then Ean realized he’d caught himself less gracefully against her.

One of his hands was had grabbed her hip for support when he slumped into her; the other had only managed to snag her skirt, which a good grip and the application of inertia had succeeded in tugging down an immodest half inch on that side.

Ean didn’t so much release Rachel as he pushed her away while stumbling back a few steps in the hopes I wouldn’t have time to elaborate on those sleek, curvaceous hips while they were still under his hands. “I am so sorry about that,” he babbled. “I meant: you must think I’m some kind of a…I’m not. I’m not! Nothing untoward going on here, just dizzy. I am so sorry,” he concluded while Rachel readjusted her clothes – which, thanks to her long blouse, had not been so indecently disheveled as I may have implied while he wasn’t in any position to actually be looking.

Rachel tried to respond, but again she was interrupted. Only this time, she was interrupted by Doom.

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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