Book 1, Chapter 44

For a moment, Ean sat in shocked silence, trying to figure out how exactly the Ex-Boss had turned getting fired into good news.

Then, from the living room, JD called out: “Hey, E. We’re dead. But take your time with the call – I’m gonna go make a sandwich or something.”

“Ean?” The Ex-Boss asked. “I’m not done yet. You see-”

From the kitchen, JD shouted: “Hey, where do you keep the bread? And you have lunch meat, ri-”

JD was interrupted then by a startled voice bellowing: “HUH? I MEAN: FINALLY, FREEDOM!”

“I’m sorry,” Ean interrupted The Ex-Boss, “but I have bigger problems right now. If my best friend really did just open my fridge, he’s right: we’re dead.”

Then E dropped the phone and bolted for the kitchen.

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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