Book 1, Chapter 45

When Ean reached the kitchen doorway, JD had stumbled back against a wall. Fifi was in the middle of the room, yipping madly. The refrigerator door was open, revealing a swirling blue vortex. And standing in that vortex was a-

“Demon!” Ean yelped.

At the same time, JD cried out: “Chihuahua!”

“Quick,” Ean shouted. “Contain it!” He bolted for the fridge, but JD was closer.

“I’m on it,” JD yelled – and he rushed the door also.

“Yip!” Fifi yipped.

FREEDOM!” The demon roared. “I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!”

Then JD reached Fifi. Without even breaking his stride, he punted the chihuahua at the demon’s head.

“Yipe!” Fifi yiped as he shot through the air.

The demon got out a startled “HUH?” before the impact bowled it over backward. Demon and dog vanished, both tumbling through the vortex.

Then JD reached the fridge and flung the door shut, and Ean slammed into it too: holding it tightly closed. And other than the two friends trying to catch their breath, there was silence.

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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