Book 1, Chapter 53

For a minute Ean fumbled with words. It wasn’t often that he was put on the spot by a gorgeous, intelligent woman. Rachel waited on him – not so much patiently as expectantly.

Finally, E pulled his answer together. He decided to go with the truth, as much as he could without being mistaken for an insane person.

“Even though it wasn’t your fault,” Ean said, “I did get fired and, well, I needed to get out of the apartment after that.” He left off the bit about the demon. “And the fact is: back at work I was being kindof a jerk, I think.” This time he neglected to mention me. “I mean, I know you’re letting me off the hook for it, but let’s face it: I was staring like I’d never seen a woman as beautiful as you before in my life.”

Ean shifted his gaze to his hands and continued. “And, sure: I haven’t,” he said. “But that’s no excuse for staring. And, yeah, when I fell over that was an accident. But what was going on in my head after was not work appropriate. So when you showed up at my apartment, I thought: Okay, sure. We can go out, and I’ll explain that my getting fired wasn’t your fault, and apologize for being a spaz and a lech by, uh, taking you out to lunch. Um… And make up for it being under false pretenses by having it be my treat?”

When Ean looked up, Rachel was blushing. Hard. After a brief, futile, and painfully cute attempt to hide it behind her hands she set them down on the table and faced him with as much confidence as someone who is blazingly embarrassed can muster.

“Make it over dinner,” Rachel said, “And you have a deal.”

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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