Book 1, Chapter 54

While Ean struggled with the realization that he’d somehow gotten a date with Rachel out of the day’s events, one of the Sandwich Place’s other patrons – another old regular – was dealing with a rather shocking (and unfortunately incorrect) realization of his own.

The man had retreated to the bathroom before Ean could spot him. “It’s definitely E,” he hissed into his cellphone. “He’s back in town. And he’s with someone. I think…I think it might be N.” The last was whispered, as though he were afraid “N” might overhear. Which was a valid fear, since “N” was not Rachel. “N” was Ean’s invisible partner form the old days: the oft referenced but never seen dealer in intel…me.

The person on the other end squawked a question, and the man answered.

“I think she might be N,” he said, “because I’ve never seen someone so unnoticeable in my life. Hell, I was just out there watching them, and I don’t think I could describe her to you if my life depended on it.”

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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  1. as though he he were afraid


    • Eren Reverie

      Fixed, thank you. 🙂

      Also, and I may just be mentioning this because I’m still half asleep and it’s the middle of the night for me, I am quite addicted to Price. So, sorry for the random fangirl squee: it was just a kick to wake up and find someone who’s serial I enjoy had been reading one of mine.

      • Yeah. I noticed you mentioned me in the same breath as Worm in a review for Baron Mind’s story. :p

        You’re really going to like the comment I made to you on BM’s review swap thread, and the review I left for you.

        PS- Honestly, I may have inflated your numbers a bit. Everything said was true, but I was only going to give you a 4 before noticing some douche gave you a 1… so I bumped it up a point just to counter his.

        • Eren Reverie

          Thanks; just checked both of those and I am indeed thrilled. I don’t know when I got that one star, but maybe that has something to do with how little attention Et Alia has gotten? I have no idea how the webfiction guide orders things when people are searching new material, honestly. I do know that it has gotten a lot less attention than my other serial, Midnight Moonlight. But that’s okay, because Et Alia has always been something of a ‘for my own personal entertainment — and anyone else who likes it’ project than anything else, heh.

          I am also amused that you likened it to a webcomic in your review. It actually started out as one, back before I realized I just didn’t have the time to churn out that much artwork. Up through the end of book 2 and a bit into book 3 was originally an online comic that I drew in college, and I’ve been keeping fairly consistent with the original scripts, just prosified a bit as flash fiction. I’m thinking that when I start book 3 I’ll shift from the 5 per week flash fiction updates to something more like a regular book/chapter structure… but that’s still sort of up in the air. We’ll see.

          • New stories rarely get much attention… and there’s so much competition for attention that a lot of the readers already have a favorite that they vote for. Getting high on the ranks is how you get a lot of traffic.

            I was lucky- I started elsewhere with people who didn’t really use WFG, and they voted me up enough to get to the top 10-15, where I seem to be floating despite my readership multiplying by five since then.

            I rather expect my new readers are still voting for their old faves… Brennus gets mentioned in my comment sections fairly often…

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