Book 1, Chapter 55

Rachel and Ean spent the rest of lunch conversing about as much as you’d expect of two individuals with the social prowess of life-long geeks. As a result, lunch was very short and consisted of a lot of inarticulate mumbles, blushes on both sides, and awkward silence. This was alleviated somewhat once they got sidetracked into a discussion of their favorite video games, many of which overlapped. At that point, however, they were in the car on their way back to Ean’s apartment.

Because the time at lunch had been so brief, Rachel still had a half an hour before she had to get back to work – and it was only a five minute drive. “I could totally take you in Space Shooter,” she proclaimed as they walked down the hall to Ean’s apartment.

Ean laughed, confident in his own skill at the game. “Riiiiight,” he said.

Rachel poked him in the side. “I’ve got time. Deathmatch to ten? It’ll only take fifteen minutes.”

Ean arched his eyebrows. He’s always been a sucker for someone challenging him at games – which is why I thought he might need reminded that JD was in his apartment…and to inform him that JD currently getting his ass kicked by a demon. They stopped outside his door.

“So,” Rachel said. “Gonna let me in?”

“Uh…” said Ean. He unlocked the door and then turned around to face her. “No,” he said – then slipped through the door and closed it before Rachel could get a good look at whatever was going on inside.

Rachel blinked at the door to Ean’s apartment. “Um…okay,” she said. Then she called through the door: “Call me about dinner?”

But Ean did not reply.

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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