Book 1, Chapter 63

4C’s living room belonged to a bachelor. It was obvious from the piles of empty pizza boxes, old laundry, and empty beer bottles. There were a lot of empty beer bottles.

The room’s only occupant was sprawled on a couch, watching an anime DVD.  He had short, curly brown hair and a bottle of vodka.

“Hi,” Ean said. “I’m Ean. From downstairs? Anyway, I know this is an imposition, but I’ve had a bit of an emergency come up and I really need someone to dog-sit for me for a couple of days.”

“Sure,” said the guy. “Name’s Andrew, by the way. Andrew Lieutz.”

“Thanks, Lieutz,” Ean said. “Um… you don’t happen to have any holy water on hand, do you?”

“Yesh!” Lieutz proclaimed. He thrust his fist into the air, bottle still in hand.

“Uh…that’s vodka,” Ean informed him.

“Yesh,” Lieutz slurred in agreement. “Yesh it is.”

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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