Book 1, Chapter 67

After feeding the cat and microwaving some lasagna for herself, Rachel settled down at her computer. She ate while booting up, then pulled on her headset and entered clan chat.

“Hey guys, any good matches going?”

“Bullz!” one of her friends – FunJoe51 – answered. “Heck yeah, babe. There’s this noob on my server who keeps running around backwards and grenading himself. Hilarious, but his team could really use some help.”

“D’aw,” said Rachel as she joined the game. “They’re so cute when they don’t know how to walk.”

FunJoe51 laughed. “If you say so – but he’s kindof a trash talker. If he weren’t on my team I’d really be enjoying the juxtaposition of his skills and his boasts.”

Rachel’s avatar – BullzEye_446 – spawned into the match. She promptly dropped four opposing players who had infiltrated her team’s spawn area, then switched to her pistol and took out a fifth. FunJoe51’s newbie died in the crossfire.

“WOT?” the noob typed. “NO FAIR. MY TEAM SUX.”

Rachel snorted. Apparently 666WILLDESTROYU was the kind of noob who couldn’t walk or turn off the capslock. She switched to the squad chat channel.

“Covering fire has arrived,” Rachel announced cheerfully via her headset. “Lets secure alpha and march up the alphabet. I’ll take rooftops. Joe, sweep the alleys. Willdes, focus on learning how to walk. Lets get this.”

“Hells yeah,” FunJoe said on the team channel. “This win is ours.”

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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