Book 1, Chapter 80

Meanwhile, in holding cell Z-24, JD walked through the open archway leading out of the cell.

As he did, a shimmering field of energy flickered into place, throwing him back with an audible bzzzzrt!

“Huh,” Ean said with a frown. “Just as I thought: A force-field. Looks like we’re stuck here until the aliens release us after sticking needles in our belly buttons and performing other weird experiments on us.”

On the floor of the cell, JD groaned and lay motionless.

“<Or,>” said a young Japanese woman who stood, previously unnoticed, next to Ean, “<we could just try coming up with a more clever escape plan.>”

Ean yelped and spun around, staring incredulously. “Who are you,” he asked once he had caught his breath, “And how long have you been standing there?!”

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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    “Huh,” Ean said with a frown. “Just a s I thought:-”


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