Book 1, Chapter 92

At that moment, the alien commando squad which had been tasked with recapturing the terrans and delivering them to the commander stormed into view. There were a half dozen alien troopers: each no more than four feet tall, with scrawny limbs and bulbous heads, all entirely encased in plate armor of some alien alloy attached to a synthetic, body-tight skin suit. Their helmets bore decorative spikes, swept back like the fringes of the guard Sakura had taken out. Their faces were obscured by reflective visors and they barked orders in an alien tongue through grilled over mouth pieces. Each one carried two laser pistols, carefully aimed at the terrans.

“JD,” Ean said, “I don’t think they’ll have the little sandwiches.”

“Really?” JD replied. “’cause I don’t think they’re gonna be able to fit big sandwiches through those little mouth grills.”

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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