Book 1, Chapter 93

The fight broke out without warning.

JD flung himself to the side an instant before eight beams of coherent light slashed through the place he’d been standing. His own laser pistols spat beams of energy down the hall as he rolled to the cover of an adjoining hallway, but the beams he fired reflected and scattered harmlessly off the aliens’ armor.

At the same time, four beams were fired at Sakura – except she wasn’t standing where she’d been standing. Instead, she stood between – and behind – the two aliens that had fired at her. They squawked in surprise as she lifted them by their necks.

“<I’m a ninja,>” Sakura explained to them – and promptly smacked their helmeted heads together and flung them down the hall. JD blasted their vizors as they flew past, leaving them stunned and blinded. Then he leaned around the hall corner to blast at the four remaining troops.

And Ean, thus far ignored, stuck his hands in his pockets, whistled nonchalantly so as not to attract attention, and hastily sidled out of everyone’s lines of fire.

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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