Book 1, Chapter 96

Back on the spaceship, Ean and JD discovered that just as all roads lead to Rome, so to do all corridors lead to the mothership command center.

They stopped running when the corridor t-junctioned just outside a massive, ornate, and vaguely intimidating door.

“Dude, sweet!” Exclaimed JD. “The command center.”

Ean looked at him. “How did you know-”

“If I had a command center, I would totally put it behind a door like that,” JD said. “C’mon, lets go whoop on the alien commander.”

Ean pointed to a plaque on the wall that clearly illustrated an escape pod descending to a planetary surface, along with a long arrow pointing down the left branch of the junction. “Or,” he said, “we could go this way and take an escape pod back to earth.”

JD crossed his arms and frowned at Ean.

Finally Ean relented. “Okay!” he exclaimed. “We’ll go through the big scary door. Happy?”

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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