Book 1, Chapter 106

The game was short but intense. And after her third move, the alien commander looked at the emerging pattern and laughed. JD’s markers were in the bottom left and middle squares – and hers were in all three of the other corners.

The commander smiled smugly, eyes still on the computer’s representation of a tic tac toe board. “It seems you can move wherever you like,” she said, “and in the next turn I’ll still claim victory. So much for your supposed ‘skill’.”

“Actually,” Ean said from the sidelines, “You re-defined the terms of victory, remember? It has to end in a ‘draw’ for either of you to ‘win’ – and it just has.”

Startled, the commander looked up – and into the barrel of JD’s laser pistol. “What?!” she protested in surprise.

“I didn’t say tic tac toe ends in a draw of the game when JD plays,” Ean said, catching the commander’s attention again. “Just in a draw. But don’t feel bad: I was pretty surprised the first time he pulled that on me, too.”

“To be fair,” JD interjected, “I’ve never pulled this on you.”

Ean glanced at JD’s laser pistol and rolled his eyes. “Oh, right; sorry,” he said. Then he turned to the commander and explained: “With me it was a MAC-10.”

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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