Book 1, Chapter 108

They didn’t stop running until they’d all piled into the escape pod. Fortunately, it was designed for ease of use: pressing the large, square button would initiate an automatic launch-and-land sequence.

Without so much as thanking me for the explanation, Ean punched the button.

“No!” JD shouted as they detached from the mother ship. “They still have my pie!” He glared at Ean. “Dude, what’s the rush? I didn’t even get to ask that alien lady out for victory smoothies.”

Just then, explosions gutted the alien ship. Sakura shrugged apologetically, and JD turned to stare at the wreck they were leaving behind. Atmosphere streamed out of the mauled hull.

“Well, shit,” JD muttered. “So…uh, do you think we’ll ever see her again?”

“JD,” Ean replied, “I think the only way we won’t is if she just decides to nuke us from orbit when her ship is repaired.”

“Oh,” said JD – much relieved. “Good. I can ask her out for those smoothies next time, then. Or maybe waffles, if it’s in the morning.”

“Uh…right,” Ean said.

The rest of the trip to Earth was a quiet one.

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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