Book 1, Chapter 109

The escape pod set down in the United States, out in the country.

“Geez,” muttered Ean, “it is going to be a long walk home.”

“<Huh,>” said Sakura. “<I don’t think I can swim to Japan – and I don’t exactly have the passport for a plane ticket. Is it okay if I crash with you guys until I find a way back home?>”

“<Uh…sure,>” Ean said. Because there are some experiences which, once shared with someone, obligate you to be their friend. And escaping the clutches of a megalomaniacal alien changeling is one of them.

Plus, lets face it: By this point Rachel would be totally convinced Ean had blown her off. So we definitely need a replacement romantic interest.

“What?” Ean yelped in alarm.

And there was no way he could call a nymphomaniacal ninja a ‘nice normal girl’ that he ‘couldn’t afford to get involved with.’

“A ny- what?!” Ean yelped again. But this time he was yelping because a certain someone had sidled up next to him and surreptitiously pinched his ass.

“<Thanks!>” Sakura said cheerfully.

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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