Book 1, Chapter 111

Moments later, in a secret government facility on Earth, a radar technician rushed up to his supervisor.

“<We’ve just detected another alien landing in North America,>” he reported.

“<Damn,>” the superior officer muttered. “<They’re escalating. We may be looking at the prelude to an invasion.>” He turned to another officer. “<Do we have any agents in the area?>”

“<Sir… The United States are outside our sovereign jurisdiction.>”

“<I don’t care,>” the senior officer snapped. “<If those green bastards come after our planet, we will stop them. National boundaries be damned.>”

The lower officer swallowed and nodded. “<There is a sleeper team in place in one of the cities near there,>” he said after consulting his databases.

“<Good,>” the officer said. “<Wake them up and get some reinforcements underway – we have an interstellar war to stop.>” He smiled – a hungry smile. “<Or, if necessary, win.>”

Et Alia, Book 1: Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie

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  1. thatguy

    Okay just caught up, and this is awesome.

  2. thatguy

    Okay I’ve just caught up, and this is awesome.

  3. kellie

    So is this story still being updated? I would really like to know what happens next.

    • Eren Reverie

      Well, yes and no? I actually have the vast majority of the second “book” done, and a lot more than that scripted out. I put this serial on hold, though, to focus on Midnight Moonlight since MM was a ‘heftier’ work and I wasn’t sure I could maintain updates on both. Even though Et Alia’s updates were originally intended to be really short, toward the end of book 2 they started approaching the length of early MM chapters… And 5 of those a week would be an insane pace, especially with the 3-5 MM chapters I’ve been putting out.

      I would like to see Et Alia start up again, though, and I probably have a big enough buffer to finish book 2 before I run through that, even at 5 per week, as long as I actually keep at it.

      So, I’ll tell you what: I’ll see if I can pull together my notes and figure out a feasible way to run both serials, at least through book 2 of Et Alia. I’ll post an announcement in the comments of MM when I get things started up here… And if I don’t have something going by next weekend, give me another prod to motivate me, okay?

      • kellie

        Is a prod needed or am I being pushy?

        • Eren Reverie

          A prod is indeed needed. My plans were derailed by a purely awful series of events, but I do have some ready and rather than waiting for next week (again) I’ll go ahead and get book 2 underway tonight.

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