Book 2, Chapter 019

Mr. Tanaka pulled into a street side parking space near the business end of downtown.  He turned to Hito Yon.  "<I’m putting you on fund raising detail,>" Tanaka said.  "<You’ll find your hotdog cart on the corner.  Prices are on the side.  Please try to make correct change.>"

For a moment, Hito Yon stared at Mr. Tanaka incredulously.  Then, slowly, Hito came to the conclusion that Tanaka wasn’t joking.

"<You’ve got to be kidding me!>" Hito Yon protested.  "<We’re the Earth’s first line of defense against an alien invasion, and you’re having me sell snack food to people who don’t even know they’re coming?  We can’t afford to waste time like this!>"

"<You’re wrong,>" Mr. Tanka said flatly.

"<Yeah?  Then what am I doing?>" Hito asked.

"<Oh, you’re selling snack foods,>" Tanaka said.  "<But you’re wrong about everything else.  There is no invasion.  Two landing parties?  That’s a precursor, at worst.  What we are in the middle of is a major operation that’s been ongoing for two years involving a particularly vile Dark wizard.  And we are not Earth’s first line of defense in the face of anything.  We are a small, covert team specializing in espionage.  That’s why I called for reinforcements in the first place: we are not an assault team.  And what we can’t afford, Mr. Hito, is anything if we don’t have funds.>"

Tanaka leaned forward, pinning Hito with his glare.  "<My team is covert.  Each of us has to maintain a public life that can stand up to scrutiny.  Moreover, we operate without close support from home.  And that means: Day Jobs.  Now, Jacob’s hot dog cart isn’t very glamorous – but it puts him in a useful position to watch the flow of ley-lines through the city.  However, at this moment I can better employ his talents in a more focused manner – which means the best use I have for an inexperienced, overconfident amateur is to free Jacob up so he can really do his part.  And that’s your part.  Understand?>"

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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