Book 2, Chapter 022

JD, Sakura, Ean, Rachel, Hito Yon and Mr. Tanaka weren’t the only ones spending their lunch hours being vexed.  Doom, secluded in his office, was practically frothing.  As was his habit when he had a particularly difficult piece of work to do, he was ignoring it in favor of some other problem.  This particular one revolved around the coffee girl.

Things had been going so well.  He’d managed to drive out the hated coffee boy and get the cute girl chucked out of his chain of command all in one day.  She’d been shunted into Ean’s old position, now conveniently vacant.  All that was left was to strike up some casual conversation with her, parlay that into a relationship, and reap the rewards.  Except that it was deucedly difficult to strike up a conversation with her.

Unlike that idiot Ean, Rachel did the coffee and mail rounds frequently.  Unfortunately, that always seemed to coincide with when he, himself, was out of the office.  He would come back from development and client meetings to find his mail in his chair and steaming mug of delicious coffee on his desk, but Rachel herself was never there.  It was almost…almost…like she was avoiding him.

That, Doom couldn’t wrap his head around.  Hadn’t he defended her honor in the face of that lecherous prick, Ean?  Maybe she was just shy.  Which was stupid of her, since he’d already decided they should date.  Why else would he have bothered with the whole defending thing?

Well…scalding Ean had been awfully satisfying.  But she didn’t have any way of knowing about the long standing animosity between himself and the coffee boy – and there was no way she could always know exactly when he was away.  She was just dense.  Dense, and shy, and had damn poor timing.

But hot.  That made up for a lot.  Doom had pulled her picture off of the employee database – whenever he looked at it he was struck by that again:  She was always hotter than he remembered.  And he didn’t need for her to be smart, given that.  Plus, if she were an introvert then it was just that much less likely that she would stupidly fall for some other jackass.  Like there was anyone else here good enough for a girl like that!  But Doom did not have a high opinion of his coworkers: there were plenty of them dumb enough to try and pick up someone out of their league.  Look at what Ean had done, when he first met her!

Doom shook his head and stared at the empty cup of instant ramen that had served as his lunch.  If only he could arrange for them to casually spend some time together, they could kick off the next stage of their relationship.  But with the godawful timing of her rounds, she was never running into him in his office – and when would he ever have an excuse to go down to the breakroom?

Which was, of course, when it clicked.

Rachel’s office was the break room.  Doom stood, delighted with his own cleverness.  Maybe it was time to start eating somewhere other than at his desk…. Now that the break room wasn’t Ean’s territory, anyway.

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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