Book 2, Chapter 025

Rachel snapped her laptop screen down, pushed away from the table, and stood.  She stared into Doom’s eye, trying to judge if she weren’t imagining things – but yes, he wasn’t looking back at hers, or even in the general vicinity of her face.  Instead, his eyes were fixed on the front of her blouse.

When she had been fifteen, Tom – who was sixteen, popular; captain of the basketball team – had asked her out on a weekend date.  Tom had creeped her out the way Doom did, but Rachel had never been on a date before and had chalked it up to nerves.  She’d come to regret that… but in retrospect she could see that Tom had looked at her a lot like Doom was now.

"Right," Rachel said.  "You seem to be interested in me," she told Doom, and he grinned like he was expecting good news.  It squicked her out a little, but she pressed on.  "So I’m going to tell you five very important things about myself."

Rachel took a deep breath.  She didn’t know how she’d gotten in this situation, but she’d take the time to puzzle it out once it had been dealt with.  "One," she said, "my face is up here."  Startled, Doom jerked his gaze up.  "Two," Rachel continued, "I’m not gullible.  For someone who’s having lunch, you seem to be lacking the food part.  So, three: I don’t really trust you and after seeing how you treat people, I don’t really like you.  Which brings us to four: I don’t know what signal you think you’re picking up on, but I’m not interested.  And finally, for five: Thanks to your getting Ean fired, I am very familiar with the procedures for filing sexual harassment charges against someone in this company."

Doom’s face was ashen.  "I-I…" he stammered before giving up on forming a response and hastily fleeing.

Rachel let out a breath she hadn’t known she was holding and collapsed back into her chair.  "This is not a good day," she muttered to the empty room.  Then she opened up her laptop again logged in to Army Shooter.  She had ten minutes of lunch left, which wasn’t enough time to figure anything out – but was plenty of time to own some noobs.

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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  1. kellie

    Damn straight. Way to tell like it is!

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    Thank you for pointing me to this. It is filling my cravings nicely.

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