Book 2, Chapter 035

"I don’t think this is a good idea," Little protested.  "How do we know she’s badass enough to join us?"

Big shook his head and pointed across the room.  All eight of the shuriken Sakura had ‘stripped off’ for Little were clustered in the center of an old dart board that was left over from the strip club’s campus center days.

"I think she can handle herself," Big said.  "And payment – including membership – is on job completion.  If she can take out a demon, that’s badass enough for me."

Sakura twisted around, disentangling from the pole and in order to sit at the edge of the table.  "Demon?" she asked.

"Yeah," Big said.  "This guy we used to hassle got fed up and got himself some crazy ass backup.  That’s what we need help to take out.  We can handle the pissant, but not his freaking demon."

"We went in unprepared," Little protested.  "If we’d had a plan we could do it, but he keeps vetoing mine, so…"  He rummaged under his shirt and pulled out a manila folder.  "Here.  You’ll need this."

Sakura accepted it and flipped through the pages.  The first two were torn out of the churches section of the phone book.  The third was a diagram of a trebuchet, which had been relabeled in crayon: "Priest-a-pult.’  And the fourth was a diagram of Ean’s apartment building, with Ean’s apartment circled and a picture of Ean paper clipped to the top of it.

"Oh," Sakura said in surprise.

Big frowned.  "You having second thoughts?" he asked.

<Crazy ass backup, huh?  Well, I suppose if I got in a fight with JD and didn’t know what to expect, I’d call him a demon, too,> Sakura thought.  Taking him out was definitely ninja-worthy: Back on the alien spaceship, he’d been fast enough to dodge lasers.  And then there were his eyes…

But Sakura was still mad at JD for tricking her and threatening to deport her, and upset with Ean for being a jerk about it when she’d come on to him.  And she did still need a place to stay.

"No," Sakura said.  "No second thoughts.  I’ll take care of it tonight."

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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