Book 2, Chapter 036

At about that time Ean was hunkered down in an alley, his back against a wall, hastily thumbing shells into the magazine of his shotgun.  He was ducked below a windowsill – his pursuers didn’t seem to realize he had jumped out through it.

He could hear them fanning out inside.  One to his left; one to his right.  Booted feet clomped up the stairs – that would be the third.  With a feral grin, Ean turned toward the wall.  He could hear the guy to his left approaching the window.

Without hesitating, Ean blasted away.  Three empty shells were ejected from his shotgun in rapid succession.  The plaster of the wall he was facing shredded inward and the guy on the other side dropped, cut off at the knees.

Ean vaulted back through the window, slewing to the side as he did and emptying his magazine as he strafed into the open.  The second guy didn’t stand a chance – but now Ean was out of ammo and he could hear the third guy running for the stairs… and there wasn’t time to reload.

So Ean chucked a grenade instead.  It hit the wall above the stairs, bounced, hit the ledge of the upstairs hall, bounced again – and detonated in the air of the second story, just in time to catch 666WILLDESTROYYOU in the face.

"DAMNIT!," Fifi roared from the living room.  "MY TEAM…"

Ean swiveled in his chair.  "Sucks?" he called out in suggestion.

"…WHAT?"  Fifi asked.  "NO, MY TEAM IS AWESOME."

Startled by this declaration, Ean turned back to his screen – just in time for it to flash red as BullsEye733 – who had just joined Fifi’s team in response to a private message from a friend – put a sniper round through the head of Ean’s avatar from across the map.

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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