Book 2, Chapter 038

"Alright," Ean said.  "New plan."  While his respawn timer ticked down he went into his character’s load out and changed gear.  "Two can play the death from afar game."

He spawned in with a sniper kit and took the sewer exit again, then bolted for a position that he knew would give him a clear view of BullsEye’s spot without affording the reverse to BullsEye.

When he was in position, Ean scoped in and panned across the balcony BullsEye had been sniping from – but no one was there, and the game wasn’t reporting further kills for BullsEye, either.

Ean frowned.  "The heck?" he asked rhetorically, and hit the tab button.  BullsEye was at the top of the leaderboard – "So he hasn’t logged out," Ean commented – with fifty five kills and zero deaths.

Ean whistled.  "Fifty five kills in ten minutes?"  He said.  "Okay, the guy is good, but…"  Ean started laughing.  "But he got fifty five kills with a sniper rifle, and hasn’t respawned.  He’s out of ammo!"

pak-! pak-! pak-!  went the pistol from point blank range behind him, and Ean’s good humor deflated.

"Except for his sidearm," Ean groused.  His screen went red, BullsEye looted the rifle off Ean’s corpse, and Ean’s respawn timer started counting down again.

Then the phone rang, saving Ean from further humiliation.

"Game’s on hold for phone," he shouted to Fifi in the living room, and logged out of Army Shooter.

"HA!  YOU SUCK!" Fifi bellowed back.

But Ean just ignored him and picked up the phone to see who was calling.

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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  1. Areytha

    Fifi’s backup is on a noobstomp. Yes, the main characters do seem to have it hard.

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