Book 2, Chapter 039

Meanwhile, back in the break room at Ean’s old workplace, Rachel finished equipping her new rifle and took a moment to pull up chat.  "Better luck next time," she started to type – but her opponent logged out before she could send it.

She stuck her tongue out at the laptop screen.  "Rage-quitter," she accused with a chuckle.

"What?" Asked Doom from behind her.

Rachel yelped and spun around in her chair.  Doom yelped back.

"What are you doing?" Rachel demanded.

"Lunch!"  Doom backed up against the wall and waved a half-eaten hotdog at her.  "I’m having lunch!"

Rachel relaxed slightly – she’d only yelled because she’d been startled – and turned back to her laptop.  She hadn’t realized how focused on the game she’d been.  Lunch was over.

"I’ve got to get back to work," she typed to her team.  "Cya."

Then she sent a quick message just to 666WILLDESTROYYOU.  "Have fun, and if I’m on later and someone’s picking on you again don’t hesitate to send me another game invite."

"COOL," WILLDES sent back.  "THX.  CYA."

Rachel logged off then and glanced at Doom.  He was studiously ignoring her.  But as long as he’s in here, she thought, I may as well be somewhere else.  So she stood, collected a full coffee pot, and left to do her rounds.

Once she left, Doom looked back at where she’d been sitting and reviewed his observations.  So: The coffee girl likes Army Shooter.  He frowned and took another bite of his hotdog.

"There has got to be some way I can use that," he muttered to himself.  Then he threw the rest of his lunch away and jogged out of the room.  If he hurried, he might be able to get back to his office before the coffee girl got there… and he liked the idea of being around to experience it when she showed up to serve him, for once.

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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