Book 2, Chapter 041

"And this is your cubicle," Fred told Ean a good twenty minutes later.  "Go ahead and have a seat and I’ll send your manager over to get you up to speed on the current projects."

"Alright," Ean agreed cautiously.  He sat down and looked around at the plain setup while Fred strode off to the corner office.  There was something off about the whole situation, and Ean knew it.

"But I don’t know the particulars," Ean told me, "And I don’t want to, so keep it to yourself.  I need this job if I’m going to have a nice, normal life of my own."

"What?!" came Doom’s muffled scream from through the office door, and a second later Doom himself shot out of it: running all the way to Ean’s cubicle.

"Well, normal-ish," Ean amended.

"You," Doom snarled while trying to catch his breath.  His arm jerked up to toss the contents of a coffee cup in Ean’s face.  Fortunately for Ean, however, the coffee had been delicious and the cup was empty.

"Right," Ean said.  "You know, now that we’re officially on the same team, you need to find a different outlet for your pent up issues."

Doom’s face contorted with fury as he stared at Ean – and then Doom hit upon a plan that would take care of everything.  Why, it would get the coffee girl to like him and get Ean shot in the face.  Repeatedly.

In the time it took Ean to get very frightened, Doom completely relaxed.  "You know, you’re right," Doom said.  "So here’s what we’re going to do…"

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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