Book 2, Chapter 046

While Rachel was blissfully planning her evening, Al was sitting with Hito Yon, waiting for Mr. Tanaka to show up and decide the course her own future on earth.

Which shouldn’t take too much longer, Al thought.  But: Who is Rachel and why are her plans relevant to my own situation?, she wondered.

If I had the abilities to scream or to run from the room, I would have done both.

What?  Al asked mentally.  How can you be so surprised?  I’m a telepath and you’re a psychic entity.  Of course I’ve noticed you.  Thank you for pointing out the diagram on the side of the cart earlier, by the way.  I wouldn’t have known where to start if you hadn’t pointed that out.

If anything, I panicked worse.  I wasn’t used to people noticing me; not even the occasional psychic I’d run into in the past.

Derision colored Al’s thoughts.  Untrained native Terrans?  Of course my powers are more developed than those of anyone else on this primitive planet.  Now: forget about Rachel.  Who are you?  I made the mistake of thinking you were another High One observing my actions when I noticed you on the ship, but that has become an obviously fallacious assumption.

I…I was The Narrator.  And I was suddenly thankful to E for insisting I learn how to keep out of character information to myself.  It was becoming equally obvious that I was going to have to be really careful not to let anything slip around Al.

Oh?  She thought. _ Like what?_

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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