Book 2, Chapter 50

Wait, Al thought as I was getting ready to change points of view – and it is so rare that someone talked to me that I did.

Am I doing the right thing? She wondered as Hito Yon led her to the door.  Can I trust the judgment of these people?

The question gave me pause.  It presupposed that she could trust me.

Al frowned and followed Hito Yon.  I believe that I can, she believed.  Not only did you help me earlier – albeit unintentionally – but you did just warn me that I may be wrong to trust you.  Moreover you are, by your own admission, unaccustomed to being able to interact with people.  Taken together, I believe this indicates you are a benevolent individual and not prone to manipulating others.

That took me aback.  It was the first time anyone had referred to me as benevolent.

Al’s thoughts grew bemused.  In a world where no one can perceive you, how often are you referred to at all?  Then they turned serious.  If it helps, I will take your advice to consider your advice suspect – but I would appreciate having it to consider at all.  As you pointed out while I was wandering the streets, I am rather at a loss.  I have no idea what I am supposed to do or where I fit in on this world.  And you, it seems, have a broader perspective than I.

I considered.  And ultimately I decided that Shakespeare had it right: there were more things in heaven and earth than were dreamt of in any single philosophy.  And Al could do worse than letting Mr. Tanaka and his people introduce her to a few of them.

"Thank you," Al said while Hito Yon held the cab door for her – but she was talking to both of us.

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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