Book 2, Chapter 56

When Ean got home from work he was greeted by JD, who was sitting on his couch playing Fantasy Fighter on his console.

"Yo," said JD.  "Welcome home. You want in?"

"Sure," E said.  "I’ve got a while.  Uh… where’s Fifi?"

JD tossed a controller to Ean.  "Upstairs," JD said.  "He wanted to hang out with Lieutz for ‘beer and hentai night’ so I took him up there earlier."

Ean nodded and crossed ‘demonic Chihuahuas’ off of his mental list of things that might screw up his evening.  "Cool," he said.  "You got any plans brewing for tonight?"

"What," JD asked, "you mean other than video games?  I dunno.  I might catch up on some of the TV I missed while I was enlisted.  Did you know you can marathon entire seasons of shows on your computer now, without commercials or ads?"

"Uh… actually, I’ve been doing that for a while," Ean said as he crossed ‘best friend’ off his list.

"Huh," said JD as he picked a character for their match.  "Well, did you know you that now you can do it legally with streaming subscription services?"

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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  1. Know what might be hilarious? Go through the old chapters and add a roman numeral, going up by one, every time Fantasy Fighter is mentioned.

    Have characters constantly complain that it’s been going downhill since 6.

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