Book 2, Chapter 064

A few minutes later found Sakura sitting demurely on the couch in Ean’s apartment. She had her legs tucked up under herself and her hands folded in her lap. Her attempts at looking innocently serene were spoiled, however, by the fact that she was still wearing a skin tight cat suit and that she couldn’t quite lose her smug, self-satisfied smile.

JD was crouched nearby, pointing a chair at her like a lion tamer. Ean was still face down on the floor.

“Okay,” Ean said after a moment. “Now what?”

Sakura continued to smile smugly, and made no sign of moving. JD slowly put down the chair.

“I don’t know,” JD said. “I mean, I was never in any danger, but she did break into your apartment and cut you up a little. Shouldn’t you decide?”

Ean sighed into the floor. “Hell,” he muttered. On his mental list of things that might ruin his evening, he put a big green check mark next to ‘ninja rampage’ Then he said more loudly: “Okay, Sakura: I get that you were hired and I promise I won’t take it personally if you just tell me where the antidote is. I’m supposed to be on a date tonight, and so far she’s been a little touchy about me just disappearing on her.”

“Um,” said Sakura, and her smile slipped. “It’s…ah, in Japan,” she said. “It wasn’t on me when I was abducted by the aliens.”

Ean squeezed his eyes shut and swore softly. If he’d ha d the muscle control to lift his head, he would have thunked it against the floor. “And when does the paralysis wear off?” he asked.

Sakura chewed the inside of her lower lip. “In about two hours,” she said.

Ean took a deep breath, held it, and put a big gold star next to his mental check mark. Then he exhaled. “JD,” he said, “I need a favor. There’s a little community theatre about twenty minutes off campus. A girl named Rachel is going to be waiting on me. Can you head over there and tell her…” He hesitated. “Well, don’t tell her about the ninja attack or me being poisoned or anything. Just let her know that it’s nothing personal but I’ve been unavoidably detained and can’t get out to see her tonight.”

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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