Book 2, Chapter 73

The necromancer known as Michael watched the exchange between JD and Rachel with a growing sense of alarm. He couldn’t hear what they said – but Michael wasn’t stupid. The facts that the spikey-haired man hadn’t been able to recognize Rachel, along with her hesitation in approaching him, were enough for Michael to deduce that something had gone wrong with Rachel’s plans. The thug in the goggled shades clearly wasn’t Rachel’s date.

“Shit,” Michael hissed when Rachel stepped past the muscle-bound moron who’d been talking to her. She stalked toward the theater doors – she was leaving. The trap he’d agreed to spend so much of his carefully hoarded power to purchase was going to close on nothing.

Michael abandoned his post. He hadn’t wanted to risk making a move personally – not here, at the theatre, where he was known. But now he didn’t have a choice. The sheer power of Rachel’s aura was worth the risk of blowing his civilian identity – and Michael had seen her ID when she’d bought her tickets for the play. It had been from out of state. If she slipped away tonight, he might never get the opportunity to seize that power again.

Or, even worse, someone else might manage to grab her first.

With a snarl, Michael pushed past two patrons. Rachel was already out of sight through the front doors, but Michael could sense her aura through the theatre walls. She was heading for the parking lot.

Michael turned and took a shortcut through a side exit. This close to the start of the play, the parking lot should be abandoned. That was good for Michael: if he was going to grab Rachel himself, odds were good it would get messy. Especially if he had to dispose of extraneous witnesses.

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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