Book 2, Chapter 074

What Michael didn’t realize was that he was already under observation. From her vantage point on the stairs that led to the sound and lighting booth, Hitomi thumbed the talk button on her walkie talkie.

It wasn’t set to the same frequency the rest of the stage hands were using for the night.

“Perimeter, this is Painter,” Hitomi said. “Mr. Bones is leaving by exit three. Be aware.”

“Copy that, Painter,” Alex – a member of Mr. Tanaka’s JSDA team – replied. “I have eyes on.”

Hitomi hesitated, then thumbed talk again. “And be careful. He looked pissed.”

“Roger that,” Alex replied.

Then Hitomi sighed and straightened. She gestured for Al and Hito to come over. “Alright,” Hitomi said. “Michael has left our zone of responsibility. Alex will inform me if he’s coming back in, but otherwise we’re done for the night.”

Hito Yon looked skeptical. “Really?”

Hitomi smiled. “Yep. If something is going down, apparently it’s not here – or not tonight. All we really know is that power has been building, and that guy is the major mystic threat in the area. Anyway, since we have the time, come on.” She led them up to the sound booth. “As long as we’re free for the evening we may as well enjoy the play from the best seats in the house.”

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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