Book 2, Chapter 080

When Michael peeled out of the parking lot, Sakura was hiding behind one of the other parked cars. She watched the windowless van pull away. Then the car Sakura was hiding behind — a taxi, with a driver who struck her as suspiciously reminiscent of a JSSDA agent, pulled out and started tailing it. Sakura sighed and slipped into the shadows of another vehicle.

<“Hell,”> she muttered to herself. <“Do I even want to get involved in this? I don’t owe the JSSDA anything — and I hate wizards.”> The balding guy had mentioned becoming king of the arcane. And the undead. <“Especially wizards that deal with death magic.”>

She fidgeted for just a second before she was forced to say something else. <“But he’d called her ‘Rachel,’ too,”> Sakura admitted. <“Does that mean she was Ean’s Rachel?”>

Sakura hesitated again. If that was Ean’s Rachel, then she really couldn’t blame him for turning her down: she was gorgeous. <“And I really owe him for screwing his date up. Dammit!”>

Sakura crouched and darted across the parking lot. She scooped Rachel’s dropped keys off of the pavement and unlocked the beat up car they belonged to. Then she got into the driver’s seat, started the vehicle, and carefully backed out of its spot.

Then Sakura proceeded to follow the JSSDA agent who was following Micheal and Rachel — and cursed herself softly in Japanese for being such a softie while she did it.

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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