Book 2, Chapter 081

While Michael was driving Rachel to his house, and Sakura and a JSSDA agent were following, and Ean was face down on the floor of his apartment and JD was starting to get into the first act of Macbeth, the kidnappers Michael had arranged for were gathering to storm the theatre. There were eight of them: all members of a small time gang that had been unexpectedly approached by a representative of The Family and given an offer they couldn’t refuse.

All they had to do was get in, grab the girl and her date; then get out and they would be in. Official members of The Family, with all the respect and street cred that entailed.

Their leader looked over his group. They were all armed with whatever they’d been able to scrounge up for the job: pistols mostly, with a couple of shotguns mixed in. He himself had a machine gun he’d been keeping as a trump card for a special occasion. They were all wearing hockey masks to hide their idenitites, though each one had a number painted over it so they could easily tell each other apart. He, of course, was Mister One.

If Misters Two through Eight were nervous, they didn’t show it.

If anything, they looked eager. This was their ticket to the big leagues. If they pulled this off, they’d stop being penny ante thugs and take their place as honest to god enforcers. With The Family backing them, their petty turf wars would be over: all opposition would get rolled over. Flattened.

“Alright,” Mister One said. His guys grinned back at him. “Remember: When we barge in, go ahead and grab whatever you want to make it look like a robbery. Then we’ll nab the girl as a ‘hostage’ and bolt before the cops get there. And then we’re set for life. So let’s do this.”

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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