Book 2, Chapter 082

Meanwhile, inside the theatre, JD was so wrapped up in the performance that he totally forgot himself. He bolted to his feet, shouting: “No, good king! Trust not treacherous Macbeth! He’s gonna shiv you in your sleep!”

The theatre went absolutely silent for a few seconds… then the actors bravely shouldered on as though there hadn’t just been a huge disturbance in their audience.

JD, now acutely aware that everyone was staring daggers at him — not just the people he’d stopped from chasing after Rachel — looked around the theatre audience sheepishly.

“Gee,” he muttered to himself as he slowly sank back down into his seat. “I could really use some sort of huge distraction right about now.”

And then the auditorium doors burst open. JD looked, as did most of the audience, and saw men in masks, carrying guns, come storming down the aisles. The lead one — Mister Six — fired a shotgun shell into the ceiling, sending plaster raining down on the crowd of theatre patrons.

“Nobody move!” he screamed. “This is a robbery. Throw your valuables into the aisles and no one gets shot in the face!”

JD gawked at the thugs and then looked up at the ceiling. He gave a thumbs up to whatever force drove the universe. “Dude,” he exclaimed, “that’s perfect!”

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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