Book 2, Chapter 89

Mister One was not amused. His machine gun moved from JD to Hitomi. “You know, bitch, you should really be careful of who you’re calling names.” He jabbed his weapon at her. “We don’t even need you.”

“Being antagonistic does seem to undermine the whole ‘surrender and cooperate’ strategy we decided on,” Hito Yon commented dryly.

Hitomi snorted. She didn’t even bother looking at Hito: she was two busy meeting Mister One, glare for glare. “Yeah,” she said blindly to Hito. “But it’s not like we can let them take Al. So I guess we’ve gone full circle and are back at plan one.”

“Well, obviously,” Hito Yon said. “I just thought I’d mention it, since this is a lot more inconsistency in a field mission than I was led to expect from training.”

Then he spun around. As he did, the knife edge of his hand chopped Mister Three in the back of the neck. Mister Three dropped like a sack of logs.

But that was just the start of Hito Yon’s spin. Halfway through it, he punched Mister Five in the throat with his other hand. Then he whipped his first around. The strike cracked Mister Five’s wrist, sending his gun tumbling from nerveless fingers. Hito Yon deftly plucked it out of the air and completed his spin.

It took him less than a second, and when Hito Yon stopped it was with his arm extended over Hitomi’s shoulder and his captured pistol pointed straight at Mister One’s head. “Now then,” Hito Yon said. “Would you mind not pointing that gun at my associate? It’s rude.”

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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