Book 2, Chapter 095

Michael recoiled. He was used to people pleading for their lives, or weeping incoherently, or attempting to maintain stoic silence, or threatening him with retribution — stuff like that. But mocking him? That was new. “What.” He said, a dangerous undercurrent to his tone.

But Rachel just strained against the restraints and glared at him. “Magic isn’t real, dumbass!” She shouted.

Michael recoiled from the force of her shout — but then he started laughing. “Oh, Rachel. Poor, poor Rachel. You’re really that ignorant, aren’t you?” He chuckled and shook his head.

Rachel scowled at him. She was pissed now, but not quite as enraged. “Oh,” she snarked. “Yeah. I’m ignorant and you’re insane. We’d have been the perfect couple. Too bad you decided to kill me instead of taking me up on that date,” she shot at him sarcastically.

The sarcasm went completely over Michael’s head. “What?!” He exclaimed. “But you’re the one who rejected me!”

“No I didn’t,” Rachel shouted back. “You just decided to taze me instead of letting me finish. I said I didn’t feel up to coffee tonight — and I was going to say ‘but maybe we can get together this weekend, instead.’ Only you got zap happy and fucked it up! It’s not my fault you’re going to compound on that with a little murder, now!”

Michael stared at Rachel. He vaguely remembered that she’d started to say something more before he’d interrupted her. His jaw worked slowly, but words didn’t come out. He was too distracted by the fierce, beautiful, powerful woman strapped down on the altar in front of him. That tiny bit of himself — the tiny bit that had reacted to her in the parking lot — started pestering him again.

“Really?” Michael asked in a small, vulnerable voice. He let the hand with the dagger fall to his side.

“That would actually be really nice,” Michael admitted. “You know,” he added shyly, “despite all my obscene power I’ve never been on a date before — frankly, being consistently rejected was one of the reasons I got into the dark arts to begin with.”

For a moment, Michael just studied Rachel while she looked back at him — too flabbergast to form a response.

“Sooooo,” Michael finally, hesitantly, said. “If we did do that weekend thing instead of this murder thing, where would you like to go?”

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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  1. kellie

    Oh god! That is hilarious.

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    “The weekend thing instead of the murder thing.”
    Mind if I steal this real discreet-like?

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