Book 2, Chapter 102

While JD contemplated what he was going to say to his ex to explain his behaviour, Hitomi was doing the same. “<This is bad,>” she muttered.

“<It is?>” Hito Yon asked. “<It seems like this was a very prompt response time on the part of the authorities.>”

“<Yeah…,>” Hitomi drawled. “<About that: I know America likes to equip its police with surplus military gear, but this kind of response is still a little over the top, even for an oligarchic police state masquerading as a republic that thinks it’s a democracy. I think the USASSDA must’ve been watching our necromancer and intervened. The only real cops are those two interviewing the witnesses, and I do not want them bringing us to the USASSDA’s attention by asking too many pointed questions.>”

Hito looked uncomfortable at the prospect. “<Is that likely?>” He asked as they proceeded up the line. “<They seem to be processing people quickly, so everyone can get home. We should receive just as cursory an examination.>”

“<Right,>” Hitomi agreed. “<Except Al has no valid ID for them to put down, and that one is my ex. We broke up because he got paranoid suspicious that I was up to something nefarious, just because I was keeping my double life as an operative for a foreign secret agency hidden from him.>”

“<Oh,>” said Hito in the spirit of an understatement. “<Yes, that could get awkward, I guess. I suppose we could say she is my sister or something, and we’re visiting from Japan and that her paperwork is at the hotel?>”

Hitomi abruptly perked up. “<Hito, that’s brilliant!>”

Hito You snorted. “<So, we’re going to go with my plan first, this time?>”

“<What?>” Hitomi asked. “<No, they’ll never fall for that. But the idea you gave me: now that’s brilliant.>”

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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  1. PaulPaulJones

    It’s deja vu all over again!
    Umm…maybe our meta-narrator would want to ctrl-f While JD contemplated ?

  2. Gaaahh!! I want to know if E manages to get the girl or not! So really my question is: are you still writing this or not?

    • Eren Reverie

      I really wish I was still writing this. :/ It was my first major story project (originally in webcomic form) and I dearly love the characters. Unfortunately, it never seemed to pick up in prose the way Midnight Moonlight did, and even that has been suffering neglect from my recently uncovered health issues.

      So… I guess I’m not currently writing this. :/ I certainly can’t claim to be, even though I want to be. I will keep trying to at least wrap up this ‘book’ of Et Alia, but that will most likely be showing up in dibs and dabs. Sorry — but if you subscribe, you should get alerts when the posts do show up.

  3. Renny

    It is excellent. Fundamentally different to Midnight Moonlight, but very enjoyable. It doesn’t want or need the same style of prose.

    Part of the appeal of MM is the prose and that works, due to the longer chapter/scene length. But here the short scenes require simpler, less ornate use of language. The style is correct, even if it is chosen by instinct.

    I wish you the best for outcomes for your health issues and may they get sorted and stop detracting from your life.
    I hope you come back to this, when and how you will. It is a delightful romp and I really enjoyed it so far.

    • Thanks. 🙂 I do have a couple other ‘comic-prose’ stories that I haven’t put up, and won’t for now since they are far less complete than Et Alia. And I will come back to this… actually, I have three more chapters written in one of my notebooks, just waiting for me to type them up when I can.

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