Book 2, Chapter 104

Danny looked at the goggled man in front of him, then at the three people JD had singled out. “These three?” Danny asked for clarification. He looked specifically at his ex. “They’re working for the government?”

“Yep,” JD said cheerfully. “Undercover operatives. Just like me.” Agent Johnson had spun a story about JD being part of a deep cover task force working against organized crime in the city. Danny had been loathe to buy into it, but when the agents in question had shown up with a small army… well, even if the whole thing seemed off he wasn’t about to start a fuss with all those gunmen around.

Officers Danny and Marco exchanged glances. They weren’t telepaths, but they had been partners long enough that they could pretend they were.

Holy crap, Marco thought. So Hitomi wasn’t working for the syndicates like you thought — she was working undercover to try to bring them down?! You know, that sort of explains all the suspicious things about her. All the secrets she insisted on keeping and inconsistencies you uncovered about how she claimed to spend her free time.

Danny scowled. This is bullshit, he thought angrily.

Say, Marco thought as an idea struck him, Do you think maybe she was only dating you to try and find out if you were on the take? It was commonly known — and never talked about — that the big syndicates like The Family had ways of getting inside information from the precincts.

Danny’s scowl turned sour. Bullshit! He reiterated. Bull. Shit.

Et Alia, Book 2: Black Magic, Secret Agents, Shakespearean Tragedies and Interoffice Dating

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