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Book 2, Chapter 001

Later, after a very long walk, Ean, JD and Sakura arrived at the ex-college campus that housed E and JD’s apartments. Sakura sucked in a surprised breath as [..]

Book 2, Chapter 002

Ean rushed up the stairs to Lieutz’ apartment, and burst in without bothering to knock. Fifi was sitting on the back of Lieutz’ couch. And Lieutz was sitting [..]

Book 2, Chapter 003

Lieutz was – when he wasn’t drunk – a very philosophical man. And while Fifi was threatening Ean in his living room, Lieutz was centered in an ever [..]

Book 2, Chapter 004

Ean stared at Fifi in surprise. “Did you just say please?” “…OR BE DESTROYED,” Fifi reiterated while glaring at Ean. But the truth was that after a couple [..]

Book 2, Chapter 005

When Ean got back to his apartment he tossed Fifi into the living room. The demonic Chihuahua promptly scuttled into the kitchen. From the couch, JD looked up. [..]

Book 2, Chapter 006

Ean found Sakura in his bedroom, rummaging through his dresser. She spun when he entered and closed the top drawer. Ean noticed an empty plate and glass sitting [..]

Book 2, Chapter 007

Sakura pursed her lips speculatively. "<A strip club?>" She leaned against the dresser and traced a finger down the closure of her robe, between her breasts. It was [..]

Book 2, Chapter 008

Sakura stalked out into the living room and plopped down on the couch next to JD. "<Does it even matter what I say?>" she asked. "<It’s not like [..]

Book 2, Chapter 009

"Oh gods," Sakura whispered – and JD plucked his shades from her lap and placed them back on his face. "What happened?" Sakura asked. JD stared at her [..]

Book 2, Chapter 010

While Ean was rummaging through his sock drawer, I debated how hard to kick him in the ass. "What?" Ean asked, startled. Ah. I had his attention. Good. [..]

Book 2, Chapter 011

Rachel paced in the parking lot outside of Ean’s apartment, trying to work her courage up – or, barring that, deduce the answers to some questions that had [..]

Book 2, Chapter 012

Ean caught up to Sakura in the hallway.  "<Sakura, wait->" he called out.  And surprisingly enough, she did.  She turned and waited for Ean to catch his breath. [..]

Book 2, Chapter 013

Ean gaped at Sakura, a little stunned from having his usual sentiments thrown back at him by someone else.  "What?" he protested. Sakura shrugged sheepishly.  "I am what [..]

Book 2, Chapter 014

While Ean tried to wrap his head around the situation, Sakura waited for him to reply.  Eventually, the waiting was too much. "I’m sorry," she said again.  Then [..]

Book 2, Chapter 015

Ean took a deep breath and opened his eyes.  "Sakura…" he said – but Sakura wasn’t there. Instead, Rachel regarded him from a few feet away. "Rachel?"  Ean [..]

Book 2, Chapter 016

And now, since Ean is going to go sulk and play video games, I’d like to redirect your attention to something more interesting: the arrivals gate of the [..]

Book 2, Chapter 017

Hito Yon glanced about the receiving area and soon spotted another man holding a sign with his name on it. He hastened over. The man offered Hito Yon [..]

Book 2, Chapter 018

Mr. Tanaka frowned.  "<Come with me,>" he said, and led Hito Yon out of the airport.  They got into a car, and Mr. Tanaka drove in silence for [..]

Book 2, Chapter 019

Mr. Tanaka pulled into a street side parking space near the business end of downtown.  He turned to Hito Yon.  "<I’m putting you on fund raising detail,>" Tanaka [..]

Book 2, Chapter 020

A few minutes later, and Jacob got into Mr. Tanaka’s car.  Hito Yon was on the street corner, sitting in a folding chair behind the hot dog cart; [..]

Book 2, Chapter 021

When Rachel stalked away from Ean, she was angry.  By the time she reached her car, however, she wasn’t. Rachel got into the driver’s seat, but didn’t start [..]

Book 2, Chapter 022

JD, Sakura, Ean, Rachel, Hito Yon and Mr. Tanaka weren’t the only ones spending their lunch hours being vexed.  Doom, secluded in his office, was practically frothing.  As [..]

Book 2, Chapter 023

When Doom reached the break room, he received an unpleasant surprise.  The room was occupied – but not by Rachel.  Instead, at one of the back tables, Fred [..]

Book 2, Chapter 024

It was at about that time that Rachel got back to work from her unpleasant encounter with Ean.  She marched into the break room and started a pot [..]

Book 2, Chapter 025

Rachel snapped her laptop screen down, pushed away from the table, and stood.  She stared into Doom’s eye, trying to judge if she weren’t imagining things – but [..]

Book 2, Chapter 026

After the early lunch rush, Hito Yon found himself with nothing to do except sit and contemplate his situation.  Unfortunately, it was not a situation that bore contemplation.  [..]

Book 2, Chapter 027

Hito Yon wasn’t the only one caught out in the rain.  JD’s Alien Lady – former commander of the ship that Ean, Sakura, and JD had escaped from [..]

Book 2, Chapter 028

Hito Yon had replaced the oversized umbrella in the slot the hotdog stand provided for it.  He sat on the edge of the hotdog stand, while the Alien [..]

Book 2, Chapter 029

Hito Yon ducked into a nearby alley where he could keep an eye on the hot dog stand and Al but still have some privacy while he called [..]

Book 2, Chapter 030

Mr. Tanaka picked up on the second ring. "Sir, we have a situation," Hito Yon began without preamble.  From the alley he could see someone approaching Al, and [..]

Book 2, Chapter 31

Elsewhere, Sakura lurked in a corner and sighed.  “<This was a terrible idea,>” she muttered into the dull thump of the music.  And it was:  Although the strip [..]

Book 2, Chapter 32

The Gang didn’t notice that they were being tailed by a ninja because – let’s face it – she was a ninja.  And, in addition to that, they [..]

Book 2, Chapter 33

Big almost fell out of his seat.  "Holy crap," he and Little yelped in unison.  But when Big said: "Where the hell did you come from?," Little fumbled [..]

Book 2, Chapter 034

Ten minutes later found Big engaged in the most bizarre negotiations of his life.  It was also the first one he’d had in a long time that didn’t [..]

Book 2, Chapter 035

"I don’t think this is a good idea," Little protested.  "How do we know she’s badass enough to join us?" Big shook his head and pointed across the [..]

Book 2, Chapter 036

At about that time Ean was hunkered down in an alley, his back against a wall, hastily thumbing shells into the magazine of his shotgun.  He was ducked [..]

Book 2, Chapter 037

When Ean respawned, he charged straight back into battle because he didn’t realize how badly the tides had turned.  He snorted at my pessimism and spotted an enemy [..]

Book 2, Chapter 038

"Alright," Ean said.  "New plan."  While his respawn timer ticked down he went into his character’s load out and changed gear.  "Two can play the death from afar [..]

Book 2, Chapter 039

Meanwhile, back in the break room at Ean’s old workplace, Rachel finished equipping her new rifle and took a moment to pull up chat.  "Better luck next time," [..]

Book 2, Chapter 040

Doom wasn’t the only one crafting plans, however – and Fred was already putting his into motion. "Hello," Fred said into the phone.  "Ean?  This is Fred from [..]

Book 2, Chapter 041

"And this is your cubicle," Fred told Ean a good twenty minutes later.  "Go ahead and have a seat and I’ll send your manager over to get you [..]

Book 2, Chapter 042

About an hour later, Ean was a lot more relaxed himself.  At his old job right about now he would have been dropping off everyone’s mail; maybe getting [..]

Book 2, Chapter 043

Ean turned around, hoping he was wrong.  Unfortunately for him he wasn’t: Rachel was there, mouth slightly open and expression aghast as she processed everything she’d overheard.  Which [..]

Book 2, Chapter 044

Ean considered his response slowly which, given the general awesomeness of Rachel, I think we can take as further proof that he’s an idiot.  Finally, thinking about the [..]

Book 2, Chapter 045

When Rachel got back to the break room she was practically glowing.  She felt good: sorting things out with Ean had been a relief, especially since it had [..]

Book 2, Chapter 046

While Rachel was blissfully planning her evening, Al was sitting with Hito Yon, waiting for Mr. Tanaka to show up and decide the course her own future on [..]

Book 2, Chapter 047

I was saved from answering – accidentally or otherwise – by Mr. Tanaka’s arrival.  He entered the small room Hito Yon and Al were waiting in and immediately [..]

Book 2, Chapter 048

Hito Yon and Mr. Tanaka stared at Al as they digested the horror of that idea.  Al bristled.  "It’s not horrible," she protested. "Are you insane?" Hito Yon [..]

Book 2, Chapter 049

At this point, Mr. Tanaka sighed.  "Hito Yon," he said, "I’m sorry.  It seems these aliens are a greater threat than I originally credited them.  I’ll get in [..]

Book 2, Chapter 50

Wait, Al thought as I was getting ready to change points of view – and it is so rare that someone talked to me that I did. Am [..]

Book 2, Chapter 51

Later that evening a man who has been alluded to by other people was pacing restlessly.  He was short, with a conspicuous bald spot on the back of [..]

Book 2, Chapter 52

When Rachel got home she dropped her purse – with a pair of theater tickets inside – by the door.  Freckles greeted her with his usual demanding meows, [..]

Book 2, Chapter 53

“Alright,” said FunJoe after the third round in which Rachel did not place first.  “What’s wrong, Bullz?” Rachel grimaced at her monitor.  “Nothing,” she said into the headset [..]

Book 2, Chapter 54

Since Rachel didn’t really have more preparing to do, she grabbed her book and went to the living room to read a little.  Freckles was waiting outside her [..]

Book 2, Chapter 55

While Rachel was getting dressed, the necromancer known as Michael was on the phone, plotting horrific malice against her.  "I don’t care if it is last minute, I [..]

Book 2, Chapter 56

When Ean got home from work he was greeted by JD, who was sitting on his couch playing Fantasy Fighter on his console. "Yo," said JD.  "Welcome home. [..]

Book 2, Chapter 57

Gaming didn’t last long. After Necro Neko beat JD’s top three picks, Ean switched to random characters. Pirate Scoundrel, Ghoul King and Sword Princess won the next three [..]

Book 2, Chapter 58

Ean shook his head and went to the bedroom. “Good grief,” he muttered as he started rummaging through his closet. “So, how formal do you think it’ll be?” [..]

Book 2, Chapter 59

Ean spun around before his opponent could recover from the surprise of being called out. Unfortunately for him, though, his surprise at seeing it was Sakura – and [..]

Book 2, Chapter 60

In response to Ean’s shout, JD stepped back into the living room. He had a plate of cookies in one hand, and a carton of milk in the [..]

Book 2, Chapter 061

Ean gasped as Sakura sat up, inadvertently putting her weight on the small of his back. “Owwww,” he groaned. “Dammit, JD, get out of here: these people don’t [..]

Book 2, Chapter 062

“Wow,” Sakura said. “You’re faster than I thought. No wonder they called you a demon.” She scrambled up to her feet then unfastened her claws and tossed them [..]

Book 2, Chapter 063

Sakura squeezed her eyes shut tight and thought: ow. At the other end of the room she could hear JD and Ean, but she couldn’t really focus on [..]

Book 2, Chapter 064

A few minutes later found Sakura sitting demurely on the couch in Ean’s apartment. She had her legs tucked up under herself and her hands folded in her [..]

Book 2, Chapter 065

When JD departed, Ean was left alone with Sakura. They sat in awkward silence for a moment before Ean said: “So… you left the antidote in Japan, but [..]

Book 2, Chapter 066

Meanwhile, across town, Hito Yon and Al were waiting outside of the apartment they had been told was Hitomi’s. Hito sat against the wall, bored and drumming his [..]

Book 2, Chapter 067

Hitomi was a short, Japanese woman in her thirties. Her hair was cut in a simple boy’s cut and crammed under a paint-splattered baseball cap. She wore old, [..]

Book 2, Chapter 068

Hitomi disappeared into her room to change. She left her door open, though, and Hito Yon hastily ran through the days’ events – starting with his arrival at [..]

Book 2, Chapter 069

Al looked blankly at Hitomi. Hitomi sighed. “Let me guess,” Hitomi said. “You are from an advanced civilization with a rigidly strict caste system. You were relatively high [..]

Book 2, Chapter 070

A few minutes later found Hito Yon leaning against the living room wall, speculating somewhat nervously on what conversations could be taking place in Hitomi’s room. He wanted [..]

Book 2, Chapter 71

JD didn’t exactly rush to the theatre. He didn’t have any difficulty finding it – he just didn’t feel any particular need to get there quickly. In fact, [..]

Book 2, Chapter 72

Rachel felt like her heart had stopped, but really it was just that her breath had caught. She forced herself to exhale. The two play tickets crinkled in [..]

Book 2, Chapter 73

The necromancer known as Michael watched the exchange between JD and Rachel with a growing sense of alarm. He couldn’t hear what they said – but Michael wasn’t [..]

Book 2, Chapter 074

What Michael didn’t realize was that he was already under observation. From her vantage point on the stairs that led to the sound and lighting booth, Hitomi thumbed [..]

Book 2, Chapter 075

JD watched Rachel leave the theatre and shook his head. “Damn,” he muttered to himself. “E and I have to have a talk about this. He should not [..]

Book 2, Chapter 076

When Sakura left Ean’s apartment she wasn’t just running away from an unexpectedly emotional moment. She was also bothered by something she’d noticed while they were talking. As [..]

Book 2, Chapter 077

When Sakura reached the theatre she frowned. No where along the way had she found a slumped over, paralyzed JD. His trail led all the way up to [..]

Book 2, Chapter 078

Michael crept as stealthily as he could after Rachel. Fortunately, the parking lot was empty: the patrons had already gone into the theatre and presumably found their seats. [..]

Book 2, Chapter 079

Michael yelped as well and jumped back a step, jerking his hands behind his back. He was not a fighter. He didn’t want to get in a scuffle [..]

Book 2, Chapter 080

When Michael peeled out of the parking lot, Sakura was hiding behind one of the other parked cars. She watched the windowless van pull away. Then the car [..]

Book 2, Chapter 081

While Michael was driving Rachel to his house, and Sakura and a JSSDA agent were following, and Ean was face down on the floor of his apartment and [..]

Book 2, Chapter 082

Meanwhile, inside the theatre, JD was so wrapped up in the performance that he totally forgot himself. He bolted to his feet, shouting: “No, good king! Trust not [..]

Book 2, Chapter 083

Not far from the theatre, a fellow named Danny was driving lazily around the city. His best friend, Marco, was riding shotgun. Danny had just pulled up to [..]

Book 2, Chapter 084

Mister One marched up to the stage. The actors, despite their best intentions, had abandoned the play and were cowering at the back. Mister One paid them no [..]

Book 2, Chapter 085

Unfortunately for Mister One, the cops were already there. Unfortunately for the cops, there were only two of them. Danny had killed the sirens and pulled over just [..]

Book 2, Chapter 86

“Aw, hell,” Hitomi said with feeling. From her position in the sound booth she had a very clear view of the armed men storming her theatre. and screwing [..]

Book 2, Chapter 87

Mister Three hustled Hitomi and Al into the theatre. Mister Five followed behind him, covering Hito Yon with his gun. “We found her, boss,” Mister Three announced as [..]

Book 2, Chapter 088

Mister Eight grinned. “Well, there you go. These are the only two girls we found out of their seats, and the doofus digs the blonde, so she’s his [..]

Book 2, Chapter 89

Mister One was not amused. His machine gun moved from JD to Hitomi. “You know, bitch, you should really be careful of who you’re calling names.” He jabbed [..]

Book 2, Chapter 90

Mister One’s eyes went wide. With the barrel of a gun leveled at his face, he panicked. He jerked the machine gun up toward Hito Yon while stepping [..]

Book 2, Chapter 091

While JD and the others were fighting the gang that had been sent to capture Rachel, Sakura was at the estate of the evil wizard who’d actually abducted [..]

Book 2, Chapter 092

When Rachel came to she was not alone — and not just because of the omniscient psychic entity watching who was watching events unfold. No, there was also [..]

Book 2, Chapter 093

Michael’s chuckle made a sickening fear bubble up in Rachel’s gut. “Elizabeth, I do not wish to be distracted. Depart.” Elizabeth jerked as though she had gone from [..]

Book 2, Chapter 094

“Wait!” Rachel shouted. Michael paused again. “Why?” he asked. “You said you would answer my questions,” Rachel hastily told him. “There’s still stuff that I don’t understand!” “Oh!” [..]

Book 2, Chapter 095

Michael recoiled. He was used to people pleading for their lives, or weeping incoherently, or attempting to maintain stoic silence, or threatening him with retribution — stuff like [..]

Temporary delay.

So, this has been a hell of a week so far, and I’m still trying to sort things out with the doctor and pharmacy (posting this while waiting [..]

Delayed — aparently it’s a two week “vacation.”

Hi, everyone. So.  I’ve recently been going through a string of very stressful events — not related to the story, but they’ve been having an impact on my [..]

Book 2, Chapter 96

Ean was still laying face down on the floor when Sakura came back. Naturally, since she was a Ninja, there was no evidence of her arrival — nor [..]

Book 2, Chapter 97

Sakura jumped in surprise when Ean called out to her. This made two times now that he’d addressed her when he shouldn’t have known she was in the [..]

Book 2, Chapter 098

Ean was so panicked at Sakura’s casual admission — especially since I didn’t really see a point in not confirming that it was Rachel Sakura had seen be [..]

Book 2, Chapter 099

One half hour’s drive later found Ean and Sakura standing next to the tree from which Sakura had earlier observed the Necromancer’s house. Ean groaned. “Oh, great,” he [..]

Book 2, Chapter 100

Elizabeth led Ean up a winding, creaky staircase and down a long hall lined with old paintings, dust entombed busts, and battered suits of armor. At the end [..]

Book 2, Chapter 101

JD stood at the front of the line of people filing out of the theatre. Well, at the front and slightly behind. Agent Johnson had pulled him aside [..]

Book 2, Chapter 102

While JD contemplated what he was going to say to his ex to explain his behaviour, Hitomi was doing the same. “<This is bad,>” she muttered. “<It is?>” [..]

Book 2, Chapter 103

Behind his glasses, JD’s eyes darted around the room. Then he heaved a convincing sigh. “Look, Johnson,” he said. “Thanks for giving me the heads up about Richards.” [..]

Book 2, Chapter 104

Danny looked at the goggled man in front of him, then at the three people JD had singled out. “These three?” Danny asked for clarification. He looked specifically [..]

Book 2, Chapter 105

Once they reached the lobby Hitomi decided she was done holding her tongue. She stopped. Hito Yon, Al, and JD all followed suit — with JD turning to [..]

Book 2, Chapter 106

Ean and Sakura crept into Michael’s ritual chamber unnoticed by its occupants. Sakura, because she’s a freaking master ninja. Ean, because the occupants were too busy with their [..]

Book 2, Chapater 107

“Stop!” Ean shouted, throwing away the element of surprise in hopes of distracting Michael long enough to do something. Michael stopped. Then he spun around in surprise. His [..]

Book 2, Chapter 108

Michael turned away from Ean and glared at Rachel. “Seriously?!” He demanded. He sounded genuinely aggrieved. “This loser gets a dinner date and I get a bowling alley?” [..]

Book 2, Chapter 109

“Ha!” Michael sneered.  “What did you expect?  Only an amateur conducts magic without ensuring they won’t be interfered with.  Those wards will prevent all physical passage through them [..]

Book 2, Chapter 110

Sakura melted out of the shadows.  She openly gawked at Ean, who just looked back at her helplessly. “What?” Ean asked.  “JD left them at my place in [..]